Firestone Destination A/T Review [2023 Updated]

By Tire Expert, Michael Trigg
By Tire Expert, Michael Trigg

Producing tires since 1900, and now a subsidiary of Bridgestone, Firestone has been releasing dependable and affordable tire options for longer than a majority of the competition, and you’ll come to find out in this tire review, that the Destination A/T is no exception if you’re looking for new tires. These tires have come standard on many different SUV and trucks direct from the manufacturer, including the 2015 Jeep 4×4 Trailhawk.

Firestone tires offer an affordable option for your light truck or SUV, that boasts both all-terrain performance, and provides a more quiet and comfortable ride than some the competitors off-road options. The Firestone Destination A/T has been a go-to option for daily drivers, fleet owners, and off-road enthusiasts alike.

I have these exact tires installed on the service truck at my shop, and they have been dependable year-round. In fact, we are on our third set! We take them out in all kinds of adverse weather conditions, and have never had a complaint.

Keep in mind, Firestone also offers the Destination A/T2, which is an updated version of the Destination A/T. They also offer the Destination X/T, which was designed for drivers of 3/4-1 ton trucks. Both the A/T2 and X/T offer a more aggressive tread, with some drivers stating this causes more tire noise on the road than the standard Destination A/T.

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Traction - Firestone Destination A/T

In my professional experience with Firestone as a brand, I have always recommended the Destination A/T‘s for having one of the best tire traction profiles within an affordable price range. With a traction rating of A, just a step below the top tier AA rating, they have always boasted fantastic traction in dry and wet situations, and make a very viable winter tire option as well. I wouldn’t hesitate to take them out in a snow-storm for that late night coffee run.

Good tire traction in that fresh, light snow has always been an issue with the more aggressive sipes of off-road tires similar in design to the Destination A/T. However, Firestone did a great job balancing both all-season and all-terrain with the tread pattern on the Destination A/T.

With Firestones Long Link Carbon enhanced tread compound, they offer on road wearability, with the option of taking that back road with deep snow every once in a while, with no sacrifice to traction. While other companies offer similar technologies, such as BF Goodrich’s Errated Shoulders, which help with off-road mud traction, the Destination A/T has a similar concept with their Long Link Carbon compound being geared more towards on-road useability.

With that A traction rating, expect to feel comfort in knowing these tires all-terrain, all-season tires can handle just about any weather that get thrown their way. The tread design of the Destination A/T’s is molded into a symmetric pattern all the way around with intermediate blocks and full wrap around shoulders on the outer tread of the tire, which help with hugging the road during wet and snow conditions. The lateral tread of the tire also helps move water through the treads more rapidly, allowing for better traction on those rainy days, which I really like.

Traction Rating: 4.0/5

Ride Comfort - Firestone Destination A/T

One of my favorite aspects of the Destination A/T has always been the off-road performance you get without sacrificing all the comfortability of the ride. Especially noticeable in the day-to-day driving, you don’t get the same stiffness as you would with most other competitors all-terrain options.

Keep in mind however, that these are still considered an all-terrain tire, so you’re not going to get that crisp, super smooth feel of a passenger tire at the same price point.

There have been multiple reports of balance issues with the Destination A/T’s, but most of them seem to be dated from a few years prior to this review and seem to have been fixed. With some drivers stating that the tire would be out-of-round upon installation, as well as having to add a considerable amount of weight to the wheel to be able to balance the tire out. All-terrain tires have always been plagued with balance issues, and it seems that the Destination A/T may not be an exception.

However, the Destination A/T’s do come with a Uniformity Warranty, which covers this exact issue, up to the first 2/32” of wear on the tire. So if you feel any abnormalities, don’t be concerned right away, as Firestone will have you covered under their manufacturers warranty.

Ride Comfort Rating: 4.5/5

Ride Handling - Firestone Destination A/T

While most competitors provide quality tire compounds, such as Hankooks Low-Hysterisis Carbon, Firestones carbon-infused tread compound offers up the traction needed for most weather conditions that come their way. Carbon-infusion into tire compounds isn’t a new or breakthrough technology, it’s essentially what makes the tire handle better, and puts less effort on the tire during acceleration. My research and personal experience with Firestone as a whole, reassures the fact that these tires really tend to grip when it comes to those heavy handed turning situations as well.

In my research, I’ve noticed this tire feels ‘sticky’ right off the line, so it’s no surprise that these tires can perform well in day-to-day situations. If that highway exit happened to sneak up on you, and you need to make a quick lane change into the off-ramp, these Destination A/T’s will get you there safely with great steering response for an all-terrain option.

Ride Handling Rating: 4.5/5

Ride Noise - Firestone Destination A/T

The biggest benefit to the Destination A/T’s is the lack of road noise for being an all-terrain, all-season truck tire. I would consider this the biggest benefit of the Destination A/T. The continuous center rib and 5-degree noise reduction technologies are what make the Destination A/T’s stand above the rest in its class when it comes to road noise.

5-degree noise reduction is the specific tread block arrangement that produces noise-cancelling waves throughout each tire as it goes down the road. This is a major improvement over other competitors all-terrain options, which usually can tend to have more road noise than a passenger tire.

This technology puts these tires at the top of it’s class for vehicle owners searching for an aggressive all-terrain option, without having to listen to that dreaded highway hum that comes with other aggressive tread options. While not as quiet as your standard all-season passenger tire, I’ve found in my research and my personal experience, that these tires are one of the quietest in their class.

Ride Noise Rating: 5.0/5

Hydroplaning - Firestone Destination A/T

While safe in slick and wet conditions, one of the Firestone A/T’s downfalls is performance in heavier rain and deeper water conditions. I have found in my research that these tires do not perform well in heavier rain, and hydroplaning can be a concern.

You may want to avoid larger pools of water (which you should be doing in general while driving), while on the road with the Destination A/T’s. I personally wouldn’t recommend putting any tire to the test in heavier rain conditions, and you definitely shouldn’t be taking these tires out on the lake for any deep water adventures either.

I think the hydroplaning concerns can be attributed to the lack of a more lateral tread on the tire. This is just one of the sacrifices that has to be made with the Destination A/T, for that off-road and other adverse weather performance.

Hydroplaning Rating: 3.0/5

Tread Life - Firestone Destination A/T

Tread life for many affordable all-terrain options isn’t the best. Most all-terrain tires tend to wear unevenly when driven on the road, causing multiple tread life issues. However, the Destination A/T’s are an exception to the rule.

With a tread rating of 520, multiple drivers state that with proper tire rotations, these tires have safely lasted beyond the 50,000 mile tread rating. With a robust starting tread depth of 13/32” for the common P235/65R17 tire size, as opposed to a standard passenger tire of the same size being around 10/32”, there’s no wonder how drivers are able to keep these tires on the road longer than the competitors.

My only concern with having handled the Destination A/T’s is the sidewall thickness. I’ve always been one that advocates for any all-terrain tire to boast a thicker sidewall than a standard passenger tire. Compared to the Hankook A/T options that I’ve handled, the Destination A/T is lacking in the sidewall thickness, considering it’s an all-terrain option.

The Destination A/T’s offer a more standard sidewall thickness, similar to that of a standard all-season tire. I wouldn‘t take these around any sharp rocks if you‘re planning to hit the trails, as they might not hold up like other all-terrain options.

Tread Life Rating: 4.0/5

Value For Money - Firestone Destination A/T

Firestone has a long standing tradition of being an affordable, middle of the road option for the driver that’s looking for a safe and solid performing tire option. I wouldn’t hesitate to say that the Destination A/T’s are one of the best options out there for the driver who is looking for on and off-road performance for their truck or SUV, while not having to dig deeper into the wallet for other all-terrain options. That said, there are some drawbacks to not going all out for the best Firestone has to offer, or even for higher end all-terrain options, such as BF Goodrich’s All-Terrain KO2’s.

Compared to Firestone’s other options, such as the Destination A/T2 and the X/T, I consider the Destination A/T to be their standard, middle-of-the-road choice for all-terrain. While the standard A/T may have been improved upon by the A/T2 and improved for heavier duty applications with the X/T, those options are a bit pricer, but they do have more to offer at their higher price points.

Firestone keeps the Destination A/T right at the affordable all-terrain price, giving the daily driver enough of what they need for all-season traction, without any of the more specific advantages or revisions of the A/T2 or X/T options, such as a higher load rating for the X/T or better performance in heavy rain with the A/T2.

Value For Money Rating: 4.0/5

Final Verdict - Firestone Destination A/T

My final thoughts for the Firestone Destination A/T is that it‘s an all-around solid choice for the truck or SUV driver who may need to get their vehicle dirty every once in a while. A durable and long lasting choice with great specs, offering a deep, aggressive tread for such a reasonably priced tire, while not having to listen to the road noise that many all-terrain tires bring. But they do leave a little performance to be desired for someone wanting to take the rough road home.

If you’re a more off-road enthused driver, or if you live in an area with consistent flooding or heavy rain, this is probably not the choice you’re looking for. The poor performance I’ve seen in my research has definitely set this tire back in terms of a perfect all-season and off-road option, especially the hydroplaning concerns. If you want to stick with Firestones long lasting tradition as a brand, I would steer more towards the A/T2 or even their most aggressive all-terrain option, the Destination M/T.

Having handled these personally, my biggest complaint is that the sidewalls could be a bit thicker for being an all-terrain option. Hankooks A/T option is near the same price point, and has excellent sidewall thickness for an all-terrain option.

Overall, I think they are a pretty great tire for the price. Just stay away from that swimming pool that popped up in the street overnight, and don’t try to take the Destination A/T’s thinner sidewalls to your local hill climbing event either.

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Firestone Destination A/T
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Updated July 12, 2024
Quick Facts
  • Warranty 50000 Miles
  • Typical Price $209.00 - $212.86
  • Treadwear Rating 520

Tire Recall Information

Recall information for the Firestone Destination A/T is coming soon!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, they offer good snow performance for the price. Being an all-terrain tire option, they will be able to get you moving through the snow safely, without breaking the bank having to buy a set of extra tires for the winter. How long do Firestone Destination A/T’s last?

With a tread life rating of 520, you can expect them to last a minimum of around 50,000 miles. However, many drivers state these tires have lasted up to 60,000 miles with proper maintenance.

No, the Destination A/T’s can be installed in any orientation on the wheel. However, the Destination A/T’s do offer raised white letters on one side, or a regular black wall tire on the other.

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