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Ryan Nichols

Trained by Mercedes-Benz in Long Beach, California and worked as a technician in a Mercedes-Benz AMG shop. Ryan has years of experience in the shop to help you with your automotive needs!

Josh Boyd

With 6 ASE Certifications between the passenger car/light truck and medium/heavy truck test series, Josh has 10+ years of experience working with cars and trucks.

Joseph Steffen

Joseph Steffen is a trusted expert in the tire industry, with nine-plus years of experience. He has worked as a tire installer, tire salesman, and more recently a writer for various companies, providing honest feedback and advice to those who need it.

tire review author levi

Levi Blauvelt

Trained by General Motors and now working in the heavy duty field, Levi has handled tires from Smart Cars, front end loaders, and everything in between. Levi is ready to give critical and honest reviews of any tire he comes across.

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No one likes it when it feels like you're riding on skis when it rains. Each of our reviews takes a close look at how tires perform in wet, dry, and snowy weather conditions.

tread life

Will your tires last 10,000 miles or 50,000 miles? Each of our reviews details our findings when it comes to expected tread life.

value for money

Are you paying a premium for name brand or are you getting the best bang for your buck? Each of our reviews looks at how much value you're actually getting when you buy a tire.

ride handling, noise, & comfort

Do your tires ride smooth or bumpy? Each one of our reviews looks at how tires braking, handling, and cornering.

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