Michelin Premier A/S Review [2023 Updated]

By Tire Expert, Michael Trigg
By Tire Expert, Michael Trigg

If you are looking for a very thorough review of the Michelin Premier A/S tire, then you are in the best place.

I have over forty years of experience in the automotive industry and I have recommended and sold to many customers, quality tires under many brand names including Bridgestone and Goodyear. My recommended brand was always Michelin tires when it came to value and all-around ride quality for money.

Michelin has a lifetime of producing top-of-the-line tires and I am very enthusiastic about this outstanding all-season tire.

I know there are numerous tire reviews out there for the Michelin Premier A/S, so I was determined to provide an in-depth review and hopefully cover some of the benefits of this quality tire that have not been covered in other reviews.

One of the many aspects of the tire that impressed me is the Michelin Premier A/S unique “Evergrip” wet-breaking technology. The tire uses unique geometric tread shapes that widen as the tire tread wears providing great grip whether the tire is new or has worn tread.

In this review, I cover benefits such as tread life, wet grip, road noise, wet performance and much more. If you are looking for a specific benefit you can click to reach that section. If you want to learn more about other tires, check out tire reviews by the many other tire experts on this site.

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Traction - Michelin Premier A/S

An innovative feature of the Michelin Premier A/S is the use of sunflower oil in the tread compound.

Sunflower oil is mixed with silica providing enhanced road grip and traction. The silica gives greater bonding strength allowing the tire to work very efficiently on wet roads and in a variety of weather conditions. The sunflower oil additive serves two purposes; 

  • Improved gripping performance by dissipating heat buildup in the tire in hot weather.

  • Keeping the tread flexible in cold temperatures.

The Michelin Premier A/S tire works well down to a temperature of minus 10 degrees Fahrenheit. They also perfrom well in light snow conditions regardless of whether your choice of cars is coupes, sedans, minivans or crossovers.

I have found the stopping power of the Michelin Premier A/S is second to none, even when the tire is a few years old. I should also bring to your attention an interesting feature; a worn Michelin Premier A/S tire will stop in less distance than a new tire of its competition.

Traction Rating: 3.5/5

Ride Comfort - Michelin Premier A/S

If great ride comfort is high on your list of tire requirements, I highly recommend the Michelin Premier A/S.

Thanks to Michelin’s Comfort Control Technology, you are treated to a vibration free, comfortable ride helped in large part by the sunflower oil and silica blend compound. Not only does this combination provide better road grip but it also offers a softening effect on the tire without affecting traction or ride quality.

As if that is not enough to ensure comfort, the tire also includes MaxTouch Construction. This innovative design feature creates a larger tread footprint than competitors tires. This enables the tire to wear in a more evenly distributed fashion, slowing down tread wear.

The Michelin Premier A/S tire is a little more expensive than its competition. Keep in mind you get what you pay for. The trade-off for the Michelin Premier A/S price is a smooth ride in exchange for a slightly higher cost.

Ride Comfort Rating: 4.5/5

Ride Handling - Michelin Premier A/S

In researching the Michelin Premier A/S tire I reviewed a number of reports on the EverGrip Technology the tire is known for, to see if it lived up to its promise. Very simply, it does.  

I found the Michelin Premier A/S provides excellent handling on dry roads and highways. It is also known as one of the better A/S tires for cornering stability and is one of the best tires with great steering and handling at freeway and highway speeds.

Regardless of the make and model of your car, the Michelin Premier A/S provides more responsive steering than .comparable brands.

On dry pavements, the Michelin Premier A/S has some competition from other more equably priced tires. But, when switching to wet and wintery road surfaces, the tire’s performance rises to the best in their class. Keep in mind, that for heavy snow conditions, you need winter tires.

I found that the Premier A/S tire beats out most of its competition by a considerable margin when it comes to road handling in the wettest and most slippery road conditions.

Ride Handling Rating: 5.0/5

Ride Noise - Michelin Premier A/S

Many Michelin Premier A/S buyers report the tire provides a quieter more comfortable ride than previous tire brands they had driven on. 

In my opinion, this is due in large part to the structure of the Michelin Premier A/S. The interior of the tire is comprised of twin steel belts intertwined with a high tensile polyester cord body. This combination provides tire stability and sturdiness and in addition, a comfortable ride and added durability.

Also, if you take a close look at the tread pattern on the Michelin Premier A/S, you will see how the style is quite different compared to the tread of other brands.  However, I did find some reports complaining the tire did produce a bit more noise when on secondary highways or back roads with an uneven surface.

I did find the Michelin Premier A/S generates above-normal noise when driving on cross-grooved concrete freeway sections. A combination of road surface and the tire’s tread pattern generates a distinctive tone that is apparent over and above the usual ambient noise created by surrounding traffic and wind.

However, by incorporating several layers of cushioning in the tire’s inner casing and tread design the Michelin Premier A/S does a great job of absorbing vibration and limiting road noise.

Ride Noise Rating: 3.0/5

Hydroplaning - Michelin Premier A/S

I have found that the Michelin Premier A/S handles sweetly in wet weather by dispersing road water quickly and preventing hydroplaning.

When hydroplaning, a tire literally surfs on the surface of the water resulting in a loss of wet grip and lack of control. The Michelin Premier A/S uses EverGrip Technology, where rain grooves or sipes expand, opening the tire shoulder and disperesing water, preventing loss of control.

Michelin’s “Emerging Grooves” technology provides more than 150 hidden small channels that emerge to assist in clearing water away and maintaining great wet traction. When next at a tire installer, take a close look at a Michelin Premier A/S tire on a tire rack. Even if you are not a tire nerd, you’ll be impressed by the clever design of the tread blocks.

Using quality tires like the Michelin Premier A/S, you are greatly reducing the chances of losing steering control in heavty rain.

Hydroplaning Rating: 5.0/5

Tread Life - Michelin Premier A/S

Some drivers complain the Michelin Premier A/S has a tendency to wear faster than the sales information claims. This may be the case, but it could also be dependent upon the type of roadway or highway most driven.

The big plus for the Michelin Premier A/S, as the tire wears, it retains the same amount of road footprint on both wintery and wet roads due to expanding rain grooves that widen with wear. Also, the tire has what Michelin has named Emerging Grooves that open up the tire shoulder, providing the same amount of grip the tire had when new. 

The projected lifespan of the Michelin Premier A/S can be maintained with proper tire care. Keep your tires inflated to the manufacturer’s specifications at all times. Have your tires balanced at least once a year; twice a year if you do a lot of driving, especially on low-grade roads and in cold temperatures.

If you want your Michelin Premier A/S tires to last, keep in mind that under-inflated tires cause the tire sidewalls to flex, reducing their life span. Underinflated tires also increase fuel consumption. Over-inflation creates a harder ride and can also cause bounce in which case both traction and the life span of the tire suffer. 

In my opinion, the Michelin Premier A/S is a tough tire. To achieve that reputation, it incorporates twin steel belts that are reinforced with a spiral-polyamide cord. This interior structure doesn’t allow speed bumps and big potholes to deform the tire’s shape.

With properly maintained tires, road reports indicate there is no reason why the Michelin Premier A/S cannot exceed its warranty life span without bubbles or bulges.

Tread Life Rating: 4.0/5

Value For Money - Michelin Premier A/S

The Michelin Premier A/S is a premium tire providing good value for money in my opinion.

Myself and the many big fans of the tire accept a slightly less life span in return for a great ride, great handling, and top-of-the-line traction. Keep in mind, what one buyer considers a negative, another buyer may accept as a good exchange for the many positive reasons they bought the Michelin Premier A/S in the first place.

Value for money is a personal choice but when the research is taken into account, the proof is in the pudding. The Michelin Premier A/S does provide good value for money and has more advantages than disadvantages. Prices start around $116 per tire, depending upon the size you require and where you live.

Value For Money Rating: 4.5/5

Final Verdict - Michelin Premier A/S

When I analyse the road reports, buyer feedback and my own experience, the Michelin Premier A/S lives up to expectations.  

The question comes down to; what is most important to you in a tire? If price is your main consideration and with no regard for the many benefits the Michelin Premier A/S  provides, this tire is probably not for you. If you feel that you get what you pay for, then by all means consider the Michelin Premier A/S. If you are not near a Michelin dealer, Amazon is a good place to start shopping for your new tires.

Judging from the research I have done, this Michelin Premier A/S tire fulfills all that is expected of it with one possible exception; actual tire life.

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Michelin Premier A/S
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Updated June 14, 2024
Quick Facts
  • Warranty 60000 Miles
  • Typical Price $115.00 - $243.00
  • Treadwear Rating 640

Tire Recall Information

Recall information for the Michelin Premier A/S is coming soon!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Premier designation relates to the stopping ability of the tire whether the roadway is wet or dry. The Michelin Premier A/S stopping power is top of the line, even when the tire is worn.

The tire is an all-season which means it can be used year-round. For cold temperatures and heavy snow conditions, it is recommended you use certified snow tires,

Due to the tire’s unique tread system, a half-worn Michelin Premier A/S tire is as efficient as a new one. However, if your tread depth is under 5/32” it’s time to replace.

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