Corsa Highway Terrain Plus Review [2023 Updated]

By Tire Expert, Joe Steffen
By Tire Expert, Joe Steffen

Are you looking for your next set of tires? Can’t seem to find unbiased reviews on the Corsa Highway Terrain Plus?

Look no further! I have the best tire reviews, having seen and heard it all with over nine-plus years in the tire industry. All of my thoughts come from personal experience and my experience with customers just like yourself!

Today I will review the Corsa Highway Terrain Plus, a highway terrain all-season tire manufactured exclusively for Discount Tire, Discount Tire Direct, and Americas Tire Co. I typically recommend staying away from exclusive tires.

Corsa brand tires are owned by Omni United Pte Ltd., a tire manufacturer based in Singapore. However, they are not made by Omni. They are manufactured by Multistrada Arah Sarana Tbk (MASA), based in Indonesia.

A tire owned by one unknown company and built by another company doesn’t sound promising.

Throughout this review, you will see what this tire excels in and where it lacks. Discount Tire labels this as a “good” tire in their good, better, and best tier. I have first-hand experience with this tire and am excited to tell you if this tire will be worth your money!

Let’s get started!

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Traction - Corsa Highway Terrain Plus

I will start with where this tire can significantly improve, snow traction. While the Corsa Highway Terrain is rated as an all-season, I wouldn’t trust this tire to get you anywhere in the snow.

I have seen this tire purchased countless times with the impression it’s an all-season, and when it came winter time, it would be nothing but complaint, complaint, and more complaints. It is a low-priced tire and will not perform like a Continental or Michelin.

The Corsa’s inability to pack snow in the tread channels and no severe weather rating make this tire a recipe for sliding out in the winter. I recommend having a set of winter tires if you purchase the Corsa Highway Terrain and live in the snow.

Now that I got the hard part out of the way let’s talk about the wet weather traction.

When driving on a rainy day, nobody wants to feel unsafe, and the Corsa tire will give you confidence. Since this is a “value” product, it will not be the safest wet weather traction. However, it is comparable to tires of higher cost, like the Cooper Discoverer HT3.

This is a safe cheap wet weather tire helping you stay between the lines on a rainy day.

Dry traction should be the highest performing category, given that it is a highway terrain tire. Highway terrains are designed for frequently driving on the highway, interstate, or freeway.

I find that dry road traction is lacking for a value highway terrain tire. When I make these ratings, I have to factor in the performance vs. competitors. When it comes to competitors like the Westlake SU318 H/T, the Corsa comes up short in dry traction but is a far safer tire on wet roads.

Overall traction could improve for all weather conditions, but you are no doubt getting what you pay for with this tire, unlike more expensive options with similar traction ratings as the Corsa.

Traction Rating: 3.0/5

Ride Comfort - Corsa Highway Terrain Plus

Typically when you purchase a cheap off-brand, you don’t expect it to provide the best quality, or maybe you do?

Most of the time, it’s just a cheap option to get you safe, but when driving on the Corsa, you will find comfort because it won’t shake the rust off your car.

I gave it an above-average rating because it’s not very inconsistent regarding a smooth ride. I have sent many of these Corsa Highway Terrains back to the manufacturer for being out of uniform.

When a tire is not uniform, it will not roll in a perfect circle, which is caused by either flat spots or a bulge in the tread. This can lead to extreme vibrations and an uncomfortable ride.

Since they are not high-quality tires, it can happen if the tire installers miss them. However, if you get a set of four circular tires, the ride will be smooth.

I recommend using higher-quality tires like BF-Goodrich, Yokohama, or Goodyear to avoid this possibility.

Ride Comfort Rating: 3.0/5

Ride Handling - Corsa Highway Terrain Plus

Another low point of the Corsa will be the handling of this tire. It is made in P-metric and a light truck ten ply for more durability. 

It has a center rib in the tread designed to provide stable handling. Almost all Symmetric and Asymmetric tread designs come with center ribs, so it does not make it a good selling point.

A center ribs effect is based on its rigidity, and the Corsas rubber compound is rigid and stiff, so it does help. However, this is only one of many ingredients in a solid handling tire recipe.

In the P-metric option, it will suffer from terrible body roll and lack of steering response. Turning at high speeds will feel like your vehicle will roll over.

With the extreme body roll, you will notice if trying to make a quick maneuver, it will feel as if the tires have a mind of their own, not wanting to go in the direction your pointing the steering wheel.

The handling in the ten play will be noticeably better as the thicker sidewalls provide more stiffness. A tire with a softer sidewall is more prone to flexing when turning, as the tire will have more weight on the opposite side of your turning direction.

Depending on your fitment, putting a ten-ply tire may not be recommended as they are much heavier than P-metric tires and can seriously deplete your gas mileage.

Always ask your local tire retailer for the recommended load range of the vehicle or refer to the owner’s manual to find out what’s safest.

I found that the handling of the Corsa is highly comparable with the other tire brands in the Westlake SU318 H/T, Mastercraft Stratus H/T, and Nankang SP-7 Performance XP.

Ride Handling Rating: 2.5/5

Ride Noise - Corsa Highway Terrain Plus

There are not many tires offered from lower-quality tire manufacturers that will be quieter than the Corsa Highway Terrain, But by no means is it a super quiet tire.

When driving over rough road surfaces, you will find they will generate a good amount of noise. Due to the low quality, rubber compound road noise will travel from the road straight through the plies and right into your vehicle’s cabin.

If the roads are smooth and well maintained, noise won’t be quite an issue as with most tires.

With the Corsa having a low-quality construction, you will need to be on top of tire maintenance as they are more prone to irregular wear patterns that generate a lot of road noise.

Cupping is the biggest one. If you miss a tire rotation or two, these tires will make you pay in the form of a loud hum, almost sounding like a helicopter is inside your vehicle.

I recommend going with a much higher quality name brand tire, such as the Michelin Defender LTX M+S, for a much quieter ride and less irregular wear.

Ride Noise Rating: 3.0/5

Hydroplaning - Corsa Highway Terrain Plus

It can be a terrifying ride for anyone who has ever been in a car that has hydroplaned. The scariest part of hydroplaning is that it could happen at any time while it’s heavily raining, you could be driving straight down the highway, and suddenly your vehicle starts to go sideways.

When the tread is brand new, it will provide good hydroplaning resistance. You might feel it can handle any wet conditions. Don’t let this new tire fool you. You will notice a significant loss of traction as it wears down.

The Corsa Highway Terrain uses four thin circumferential grooves in the tread pattern, which helps evacuate water. What makes this tire perform well at first is the siping, but since this is not full-depth siping, as the tire wears out, water evacuation decreases.

While the hydroplaning resistance is above average, I would keep in mind that it will decrease the more you drive on this tire.

Typically, you will only see full-depth siping on higher quality tires, which may be out of your budget if you look at the Corsa Highway Terrain Plus.

Hydroplaning Rating: 3.0/5

Tread Life - Corsa Highway Terrain Plus

Tread life is the best quality of this tire as I have seen it receive many more miles than advertised on the warranty.

On average, you can expect to receive between forty-five to sixty thousand miles on this Corsa, which exceeds the forty-thousand-miles mile warranty.

I have yet to see this tire’s rubber compound prematurely dry rot. However, this tire has only been sold for about five years from Discount Tire. Since the recommended replacement age is six years, I can confidently say you won’t have to worry about the rubber cracking before it wears out.

I recommend this tire to anyone looking for a durable, inexpensive tire option.

Tread Life Rating: 4.0/5

Value For Money - Corsa Highway Terrain Plus

One of the most important things when purchasing any product is getting your money’s worth.

With the Corsa Highway Terrain, you are going to excellent value. Your bang for the buck is terrific with a low price point and receiving higher mileage than expected.

The overall traction and ride quality aren’t the same as a Pirelli tire, but you’re not paying the price of a Pirelli. So your expectations can’t be high.

This is an exclusive tire for Discount Tire, Discount Tire Direct, and Americas Tire; all are owned and operated under Discount Tire Co. I found that the price, however, was not the same. You will find this Corsa for much less at the retail stores of Discount and Americas Tire.

Discount Tire Direct is strictly an online retailer that ships the product to you, and on average, they were twenty to thirty dollars more than their brick-and-mortar retailers.

If you are looking for great value, the Corsa Highway Terrain Plus will provide that, but I recommend you purchase them from the physical stores rather than online for the lowest price.

Value For Money Rating: 4.5/5

Final Verdict - Corsa Highway Terrain Plus

Initially, I told you that I typically would stay away from exclusive products, and I want to tell you why.

You can only find exclusive tires at the tire retailers they are made for. They are built with a lower quality of construction to make the tire less expensive for the companies. While sometimes a retailer will price their exclusive products for higher profit margins, this will not be the case with Corsa.

Another reason I stay away from these exclusive products is when you are out on a road trip and have a tire issue in the middle of nowhere. You can’t just go to any tire shop and find the matching replacement—effectively forcing you to either purchase a mismatched tire or two-four brand new tires.

So think about these things before pulling the trigger on exclusive tires.

The Corsa Highway Terrain is made in tire sizes for crossovers, SUVs, and trucks. You won’t find this tire for cars like a Toyota Corolla. Corsa also makes all-terrain tires in the Corsa All-Terrain, which offer much safer light snow and off-road traction than the highway terrain.

I recommend this tire for anyone looking for a safe tire that is on a tight budget, as you won’t find the same longevity and value in other off-brand exclusive products.

I review many exclusive off-brand tires, so if you’re still unsure that this tire will meet your needs, check out what I have to say and recommend!

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Corsa Highway Terrain Plus
OVERALL rating:
Updated July 12, 2024
Quick Facts
  • Warranty 40000 Miles
  • Typical Price ‎$79.00 - $206.00
  • Treadwear Rating 540

Tire Recall Information

Since Corsa is a tiny tire brand, it was easy to find that there were no recalls on this product.

Omni United Pte Ltd. manufactures many tires you will not find in the United States, so it is tough to say the manufacturer builds a solid product, given other countries have much different tire quality standards.

I have seen the Corsa line have a lot of defects. I will say this is something to keep in mind, as a tire’s defect can lead to various issues such as blowouts and tire failure.

Warranty & Tire Sizes

Frequently Asked Questions

The difference between highway and touring tires is that a highway terrain tire is a designation for light trucks. The performance will be overall similar, with highway tires being built for light trucks in mind.

Yes, the tread design used on all terrains has a higher rolling resistance, causing more resistance when the tire is spinning on the road. A higher resistance makes the vehicle consume more gas due to needing more power to move the tires.

Omni United Pte Ltd., a tire manufacturer, based in Singapore, owns Corsa Highway Terrain tires. However, they are not manufactured by Omni. They are manufactured by Multistrada Arah Sarana Tbk (MASA), based in Indonesia.

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