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Our mission is threefold.

First, we aim to provide you with unbiased data-driven reviews from tire experts so you can feel confident and trust the informational you’re getting.

Second, we want to save you time creating a “one stop shop” for you to get all the tire information you need in one place where so you don’t need to visit 3-5 websites for the same information.

And third, want to help you save money by highlighting deals and establishing preferred partnerships with high-quality brands brands.

Each of our tire experts has first hand experience with the tires they recommend. Whether its brand name tires like Michelin or Bridgestone or off-brand like Hankook or Cooper, we put all the tires we review under the same 9 dimensions benchmark, so you can easily compare the results we find in our reviews.

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The "WeReviewTires.com" Team

Ryan Nichols

Trained by Mercedes-Benz in Long Beach, California and worked as a technician in a Mercedes-Benz AMG shop. Ryan has years of experience in the shop to help you with your automotive needs!

Josh Boyd

With 6 ASE Certifications between the passenger car/light truck and medium/heavy truck test series, Josh has 10+ years of experience working with cars and trucks.

Joseph Steffen

Joseph Steffen is a trusted expert in the tire industry, with nine-plus years of experience. He has worked as a tire installer, tire salesman, and more recently a writer for various companies, providing honest feedback and advice to those who need it.

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Levi Blauvelt

Trained by General Motors and now working in the heavy duty field, Levi has handled tires from Smart Cars, front end loaders, and everything in between. Levi is ready to give critical and honest reviews of any tire he comes across.


Jim Trevors

Jim is the Head of Operations here at WeReviewTires. He's a tire aficionado with years of experience working with tires and a penchant for wanting to help people. Jim joined WeReviewTires.com because he didn't like how hard it was to find unbiased expert tire advice on the internet.

What Makes Us Unique

When it comes to “review” style websites, we stand apart for 3 reasons. Those reasons are 1) we have tire experts on staff with years of experience reviewing each tire 2) a 9-point tire review methodology that keeps each tire review comparable and easy to understand and 3) very high pace of updates so you can be confident we are always on top of the latest tire technology and news. We even have a form for you (or anyone) to submit tire review requests!

Between other websites like ours, Reddit, YouTube, etc, we know you have many options when it comes to tire reviews on the internet. Our aim to produce the most thorough, well organized, single stop destination to help you make the most well informed tire buying decision you can while also helping you save a couple bucks through our preferred partnerships.

Our Tire Review Methodology

We rate each tire based on 9 different dimensions. Those dimensions are ride handling, ride noise, ride comfort, snow traction, wet traction, dry traction, hydroplaning, value for money, and tread life. 

Our tire experts will score the tires they review based on these dimensions using a 5-point scale. We feel this puts each tire on even footing for its class and gives you, the reader, the best sense of what to expect before making a buying decision. 

See below for an example of these scores in one of our Michelin reviews.

Tire Methodology

How We Make Money

You may notice there are no ads or “Sponsored Posts” on WeReviewTires.com. This is intentional because we want to stay unbiased. In order to keep the lights on at WeReviewTires HQ we make money when you buy products or services through our referral links.

This costs nothing to you as a consumer, but we make a small fee for the referral if you decide to buy, which we appreciate and pays for us to produce additional (better quality) content.

This referral system (instead of ads) is important because our incentives are aligned with your goals, that is, we aim to highlight the best tires on the market so you can make the most informed buying decision. If you end up buying a product we recommend but then end up returning it because its bad, we also lose money, so we are incentivized to recommend the best-of-the best.

If you ever find that a product has been unfairly rated please contact us so we can review the issue!

Interested In Joining WeReviewTires.com?

We are always on the hunt for knowledgeable tire experts to produce high quality reviews for our readers. Whether you’re a former mechanic, professional car driver, or just passionate about a nice pair of tires, you should join our writing team! If you’re interested, contact us here.

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